Learn as a rehabilitation professional in a rewarding educational programme with an innovative approach taking the advantage of a concrete perspective of employment in Robotics Rehabilitation.

The wide spectrum of employment in Rehabilitation of Robotics and New Technologies is a concrete reality: unfortunately proper programs with sufficient know-how are sparse and skills needed to appropriately apply these devices are usually achieved “on the field” by rehabilitation professionals without any prior specific education.

The actual gap is mostly educational and there is a great need to enhance training and knowledge for Physicians.

Robotic Committee of the European Society of PRM (ESPRM) promotes an innovative approach based on a summer school (Robotic Rehabilitation Summer School-R2S2) with the main goals to enhance scientific information and foster education in these advanced applications: the educational programme would be developed in the frame of the theoretical knowledge and evidence-based approach in connection with growing clinical experiences realized by PRM specialists all over the Europe: a broad functional and practical approach in relation to different clinical matters in Rehabilitation.

The school will be under the organisation of RT Committee under the ausices of ESPRM, UEMS PRM Section & Board and IISART. The international faculty for theoretical and practical activities will be present during the School and by the on-line educational activity by the creation of a specific European Robotic School WebSite.The project aims to realize similar future editions in different advanced rehabilitation centres spread all over Europe in cooperation with national societies.

Alessandro Giustini, Chair of ESPRM Robotic Committee.


Andrenelli Elisa, PRM Physicians, PhD Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine - “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona
Capecci Marianna, Assistant Professor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine- “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona
Ceravolo Maria Gabriella, Professor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine- “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona
Collina Maria Elena, PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group
DeTanti Antonio, PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group, Scientific Commitee Coordinator
Giattini Alberto, PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group
Giustini Alessandro, School Scientific Director - Chair of ESPRM Committee “Robotic in Rehabilitation”. Scientific Director of San Pancrazio Rehabilitation Hospital, Arco (Trento) - Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group
Ilieva Elena, MD, PhD Head of Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Medical University of Plovdiv Vice Dean of Medical Faculty Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Jocevicious Alvydas, MD, PhD Rehabilitation, Physical and Sport Medicine Center, Medical Faculty Vilnius University, Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Kliniko. Lithuania
Kiekens Carlotte, MD Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium
Maggioni Serena, Clinical Applications Manager, Hocoma
Maggioni Giorgio, MD, Neurorehabilitation Medicine, ICS Maugeri Pavia - ESPRM Robotic Committee Secretary
Magni Riccardo, R&D Director, Pragma Engineering s.r.l.
Maracci Francesco, PRM trainee Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine - “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona
Mazzoleni Stefano, PhD Assistant Professor, The BioRobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa
Molteni Franco, Director of Rehabilitation Department, Valduce Hospital Villa Beretta, Costa Masnaga (LC)
Morgantini Antonello, PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group Clinical Chief
Mueller Clemens, Head of Education, IISART
Orni Chiara, PRM trainee Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine - “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona
Pepa Lucia, Engineer, PostDoc Fellow, Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona
Posteraro Federico, Person in charge for Rehabilitation Department North Zone and Director of Rehabilitation Unit Versilia Hospital, AUSL Toscana Nord Ovest
Tulli Daniela, PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group
Vallasciani Massimo, PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group
Zampolini Mauro, Director of Rehabilitation Department AUSL 2 Umbria - Foligno (PG)

Tutors - Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group
Baldini Stefania, Physiotherapist
Bedeschi Stefano, Speech Therapist
Bovari Paola, Occupational Therapist
Ciarrocca Francesca, Physiotherapist
Ciarrocchi Claudia, Physiotherapist
Cipriani Michela, Physiotherapist
Gaetani Lorena, Physiotherapist
Fioschini Paola, Physiotherapist
Grillo Camilla, Occupational Therapist
Lattanzi Linda, Speech Therapist
Malchiodi Carolina, Physiotherapist
Malvolti Silvia, Physiotherapist
Mattetti Sara, Physiotherapist
Meschini Elisabetta, Physiotherapist
Mezzogori Sara, Speech Therapist
Morsut Francesco, Physiotherapist
Naticchi Sara, Speech Therapist
Pompozzi Michela, Speech Therapist
Ravizza Lara, Occupational Therapist
Ruffini Roberta, Occupational Therapist
Ruggiero Antonio, Biomedical Engineer
Spagnuolo Chiara, Physiotherapist
Sparapani Alessandro, Physiotherapist
Tombolini Francesca, Biomedical Engineer

The event is open to a maximum of 30 participants and is open to physicians specialists and specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
Participation is subject to enrollment and the payment of dues € 700.00 + VAT (€ 854,00 VAT included).
The application form can be submitted online through the link at the bottom of this pag no later than 22 May 2017.
Registration will be confirmed by an email.
As the limited number event, participation requests will be considered in the order of arrival.

For practical activities, participants will be divided into groups of around six people to be able to act closely and personally: the main goal will be to see, to test, to evaluate and compare many devices, and in the same time to compare and discuss clinical protocols and results together many PRM collegues (and professional members of their Teams as PhT, OT, SpeechT, Engineers) with concrete experience around these devices.
Annexed the list of Devices presented and utilized during the School.
There is a very useful technical cooperation with many Companies but absolutely no sponsorship.
All the School will be video recorded and will available on the ESPRM Robotic School Web Site, together educational texts and papers.

Locations: Marche Region in Italy, Porto Potenza Picena and Ancona University.
Well connected by Speed Train, Ancona Airport, MotorWay.
Attendants and speakers, arriving on Sunday June 4 evening, will be hosted all together at Natural Village (breakfast and dinner included) located in front of the sea, 5 minutes far from the School venue, until Saturday June 10.
A social dinner will take place on Friday evening.
The transport from and to the Village will be granted by the organizing committee.
In Natural Village Companies might also provide information and materials about devices.


Movendo Technology
Reha Technology
ReWalk Robotics

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